Top Parenting Challenges and Their Solutions

Everyone dreams of being the perfect parent but there is nothing like perfection when it comes to raising kids. Seeking advice from ‘experts’ may not necessarily help because everyone seems to have an idea on how you should raise your kids. Your parents will want you to raise kids in a similar way they did to you. Your age mates will also have their opinion on the same. The bad news is that raising kids is not that easy. However, it will not be that hard if you understand some of the challenges that will come your way. The following are some of the most common parenting challenges that you will face

Personality challenge

Every parent seems to have a mental picture of the kind of personality that the kids will have. It is not always true because you will find introverted kids whereas all the parents are extroverts. You do not have to force your kids to be what you think they should be. Your role as a parent is to help your kids be the best that they can. That personality that you hate might be a blessing in disguise. It even gets worse when you have two kids who depict different personalities. Treat every kid depending on his or her personality and not what your mind tells is the best.

Worrying about the future

Most parents work very hard so that their kids can have a bright future. There is a problem though. You may worry so much and fail to give your kids the best life that you can at present. It is okay to shape their future but also ensure that they enjoy the present. Remember that your life does not end when you get children. Give yourself time to reflect on your life as well and enjoy what nature has to offer. You can start discussing with your children about their future when they are of age. You can work out a saving plan for your kids but do not strain so much at the moment.

Generational gap

The kind stuff that you grew up using might be obsolete when it comes to this generation. Modern kids are exposed to the internet from a tender age and controlling their actions might not be that easy. Most of them spend more time indoors and they do not even know how it feels to play outside. You can visit this site and learn some cool tips on how to take them away from the screen and enjoy the outdoors. Let them learn how some of the things they are exposed to can harm their lives.

Dealing with influence

Some people have turned parenting to appear like a competition. They want to see the kids with the coolest outfits, who attend the best schools and have mastered certain skills. You might become lost in this competition and fail to raise your kids well. Analyze your finances and decide on what suits your kids. If you come from a family of lawyers, your kid does not have to follow that line. Discover the talents of your kids and their likes and help them realize their dreams. Do not try to mold your kid to be what the society or immediate family expects.

Trying to please all the time

Some parents are losing their position as they try too hard to be on the good side of their kids all the time. Such parents are of the opinion that punishing or rebuking the kids of their wrongdoings will make their bond weak. As a parent, you do not have to always do what is popular but what is right considering the moment. Let your kids know that every action comes with a repercussion and they will always be cautious before they take any action. They will also learn the importance of respecting others and this will help them create meaningful relationships when they are adults.

There may be other challenges likes illnesses and disorders which require a medical approach. There are some parents who might also face financial challenges depending on the availability of resources. The above challenges are the most common among modern parents but the good thing is that you can face them head-on.

Should you Hire a Local Moving Service?

Should you Hire a Local Moving Service

Yes, you should. Moving can be a complicated process, and it makes perfect sent to seek a helping hand. In other words, hiring a professional removals service not only ensures that things run smoothly but also gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will go on with no hitches.

Here’s a rundown of other reasons you should hire a local moving company.

Planning Ahead Becomes Easy

There is every chance that you might skip some things when planning to move on your own. However, by hiring movers, you will be able to set dates and times when everything will take place. Put differently the service will ensure that things happen as scheduled without unnecessary delays.

The Experience Factor

An experienced local moving company knows the ins and outs of the area. More than that, they know how to pack items in an orderly manner. It is essential to mention that you should look for an experienced service to avoid mistakes from happening. As stated, you want the process to run as smoothly as possible.

It Saves You Money

Of course! You will save a significant amount of money if you use a moving company. See, there is a lot of nitty-gritty that goes on when moving houses from packing to moving, storage and many more. A removals service will handle these activities at a lower price in comparison to paying individuals to do it for you.

You Get the Right Equipment

It is highly unlikely that you have a large ramp lying somewhere in your house for moving day. Still, you require such tools for a smooth move, and you may not know it until it is time to shift house. With a professional local mover service by your side, however, you don’t have to worry about such things. With at the necessary equipment at your disposal, you can bet that the process will run as you expect it to.

The Insurance Aspect

Indeed, you don’t want bad things to happen on your moving day. Even then, there is every chance that the box your fragile equipment might fall off during packing. Don’t even talk about your favorite painting getting torn. A reliable moving company will purchase insurance to cover the belongings of their items during moving. That way, you can be sure that your belongings are safe in case of anything.

No Need to Worry About Heavy Lifting

Moving large items is difficult and dangerous. In essence, this means that it will take you longer to move your belongings. However, an experienced moving company knows how to handle such things, even at awkward angles. Further, you can count on the service to ensure that your couch doesn’t get ripped when trying to arrange it in your new home.

No Multiple Trips

A removals service will assess the volume of your belongings before moving them. The idea is to help the company know how many trucks they will need to carry the items. On your part, it implies that you don’t have to worry about making trips back and forth to transport the remaining stuff.  Think of it as a way of making the process as efficient as possible.

Everything Remains Organized

Sure, you can invite friends over to help you move. However, there is little chance that they will do so efficiently. Some of the things that are likely to occur include boxes not being labeled or piled in the wrong room.

Even though this may not sound like a significant inconvenience, it is if you have tons of items to move. Plus, the last that thing that you want after a long day of moving is to sort mismatched boxes trying to find your necessities.

Movers, on the other hand, will ensure that every piece of furniture goes into the right place and that each box is in its matching room.

The Bottom Line

See? It makes perfect sense to hire a local mover. It will save you lots of stress and ensure that everything takes place professionally. The only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are dealing with a company that understands what it is doing.

Social Media – The Ultimate Social Proof


People don’t trust much anymore these days, society hardened so it’s not difficult to figure out why that is. Although this is not the answer you were looking for it’s the cold hard truth so if you are a startup and want to reach more clients then social media is the first thing you should focus on.

Say yourself, when a friend recommends a hairdresser or a lawyer for that matter, you are much more likely to use the same person because of their positive experience with them. That’s how social proof ultimately works!

The best part is, you can generate social proof in a relatively easy way, the only burden is that it will consume a lot of your time in the beginning but once it’s in place people are likely to do business with you, simply because others did in the past.

If that didn’t convince you enough already here are some ways to utilize that social proof to generate more sales:

  • Work with experts – when you create an event on social media make sure you invite an expert, this is the very reason why podcasts are so popular where the blog invites guests, all of these guests are experts in their own field and not just randomly chosen.
  • Respond to mentions – while doing this you want to hide the negative ones, there’s no need to feed the haters, never forget that, but any positive response requires a comment from you at the very least to show your appreciation of them taking the effort, others will see that too.
  • Share milestones – if you don’t share it people don’t know it’s there, I shared it when I got my first 1000 LinkedIn followers, not on LinkedIn but on Facebook instead where I didn’t have too many people in my group yet, so they can see I’m successful at other platforms already.
  • Curate content – everyone likes to be mentioned some time so share the love, you give and you take and this can be automated rather easily though personally, I’d prefer to do it the manual way so that you know what you share.
  • Share reviews – this is an obvious one but not everyone is doing it, there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself in the spotlight now and then.

I hoped you liked this short and impactful post provided by Free Your Spine – the Instagram Social Proof Expert, you can read more about their services here: to help you automate the social proof you require.

Shellac Nails Tip-offs Every Bride Should Know

So you want to rock shellac nails on your wedding day? Not a bad idea!  But, first things first –  what are these nails? Are they even worth it for your big day? Well, shellac nails are a long-lasting form of nail polish. They’re resistant to chipping and can last relatively long in comparison to regular manicures, sometimes up to 3 weeks.

When done under UV or LED light, they dry much faster to give a shiny, professional and durable finish. You can do shellac nails by applying 3 to 4 coats of a special gel polish on the nails. You’ll then cure under UV or LED light to allow the polish dries instantly.

So, before you decide to wear shellac nails for your wedding, here’s what you should know.


The primary reason many brides get shellac nails is due to their durability. Gel manicures will last anywhere between 14 days and one month. The longevity is attributed to the use of LED/ UV light to dry the polish.

Smoother Finish

In comparison to regular manicures, shellac nails have a smoother finish. Gel manicures could as well be a good option if you want a more appealing look on your nails.

Thicker Coat

Shellac nails use more polish than regular manicures. It means that they don’t break, fade or chip easily. Additionally, you can use a gel manicure to increase the length of your existing nails if you want.

Wider Choice of Color

Shellac nail treatments come in a host of shades from red to pink and blue as well as green. In other words, it is easier to find a color that is in line with your taste and preference with shellac nails than with regular manicure.

Make no mistake about it – shellac nails are good for your wedding. However, it is essential that you consider the disadvantages before you get them done. Of course, the last thing that you want on your big day is to ruin how you look.

Not Every Salon Does Shellac Nails

Only licensed salons do shellac nails due to the intricate process of applying color, sealing and curing the sealant using UV or LED light. In essence, this implies that shellac nails can be a bit expensive.

It Takes Time to Remove Shellac Nails

You must soak your nails in pure acetone to soften the polish and make it easier to remove – this is not only time consuming but tiring as well.

More Attention

Gel manicure requires extra care to ensure that your nails remain healthy, and the polish looks good. Beauty experts recommend that you apply cuticle oil two times every day to nourish the nail bed and maintain the color. It might prove tricky especially if you don’t have a lot of time.

Then There’s the Wedding Singer

Sure, shellac nails can help give you an “expensive” look your big day. However, don’t forget to hire a wedding singer to spruce up your event. Visit The Wedding Singer to learn more about James Barlow and what it means to have him as the singer at your wedding.

Tips On Becoming Famous On Instagram

Tips On Becoming Famous On Instagram

Do you want to know how to become famous on Instagram? If so, there are a few tips you’ll want to take into consideration. A few of the top tips to help you achieve fame on the site include:

Upload Photos Regularly

First, you want to upload photos regularly, but make sure the photos are relevant to what you’re trying to be or do on Instagram. For example, if you’re trying to create a persona that revolves around traveling, then posting mainly travel related photos would be a good idea. It’s up to you, but just make sure you are constantly posting photos to your account.

Ideally, 3-4 times per week is the number of times you should be uploading pics. Feel free to upload a new photo every single day or five days per week, excluding weekends. People love viewing photos on Instagram, so upload them regularly.

Buy Followers

When it comes to how to get famous on Instagram, you need followers. The more followers you acquire, the better. In fact, eventually you’ll get to the point when you reach a certain number of followers and more people will end up following you organically.

The easiest and quickest way to build a list of followers is to buy them. Make sure you buy only a few dozen followers per day or a couple of hundred per week, that way people don’t assume you are purchasing them. Also, buy from a legit source because you only want real followers who will actually engage with the content you publish on Instagram.

Follow A Few People On A Weekly Basis

It will look a bit suspicious if you buy followers and grow your following in an organic way, but you don’t follow other people. In fact, other Instagram users may notice this and they will be more inclined to not follow you. Take the time to follow other people, and leave comments on their photos.

You don’t have to follow hundreds of people every single day. Simply make it a goal to follow a few dozen accounts every single week and leave around 10 comments on photos per week. This is just one example of how to engage new people you follow.

Automate Instagram Tasks

There are Instagram automation tools available, so take advantage of them, even if you have to pay to access premium features. Automation tools can be used to automatically follow other Instagram users, like their content and do pretty much everything else you can do manually on Instagram. Plus, automation tools can save you a lot of time because as you know it is easy to spend hours on Instagram trying to gain a large enough following to achieve fame.

Use Facebook

Finally, use Facebook because using the largest social media site is one of the most effective ways to become famous on Instagram. Focus on building up your friend’s list on Facebook, which you can do by sending out friend requests on a daily basis and then 2-3 times per week post on Facebook that you would like your friends to follow you on Instagram. You’ll be surprised at how simple this strategy is, yet it is highly effective and can work very well within a matter of weeks.

That is how to become famous on Instagram, but do remember you have to put in the work and effort, even if you use automation tools and buy followers. The more effort you put into your Instagram strategy, the more of a chance you’ll become famous. Once you get to a certain number of followers, you’ll start seeing the results roll in and they will keep rolling in.

Why your Company Needs a Good ID Card

Why your Company Needs a Good ID Card

One would think that the pros of a company having a good ID card are general knowledge, but with my recent encounters with some company stakeholders, I have come to understand that not so many are aware of the benefits of having a good ID card. Which explains why I will be running you through some of the benefits of procuring a good ID card as a company.

Restricted Access/ Security

Most companies record a high theft rate, which can be a factor of the ease in which just about anybody gains access into the company. For the security officers, it can be tough to differentiate the outsiders from the company’s employees; since most companies have a large number of employees, and it becomes tough to know everyone facially. But with a company ID card, it becomes easier to restrict access to the employees and expected visitors only; that way, the security is optimized a great deal.

Access To Special Benefits

I have worked in some companies before as a casual staff and after some time, I was informed that if I have to buy anything from the company’s restaurant, I would have to pay but that’s not the case with the full staff (who possess the company’s ID card). There and then, I experienced this play out. Companies offer special discounts on food, medical check-up etc. and only those possess an ID card can have access to these special benefits. So, yes, you can use the ID card as a means to check those who are eligible to enjoy special benefits from the company.

Individualization Of Every Employee

With a company ID card, you can tell who is who. Just on the ID card is information (which can be: name, passport photograph, address, phone number, role in the firm)  of the individual. In cases where the employee is involved in an accident or an unfortunate situation, the ID card becomes a means that links the employee to the company; thereby ensuring the employee gets immediate medical attention.

To Track Entry And Exit Time Of The Employees

You may have come across cases where an employee swipes an ID card on a computerized device to gain access into a company’s building, while it is used for access, these cards are also streamlined with the device to keep track of the time in which the cards are being swiped; so whether it is used for entry or exit, you can have an idea of the time of the event. This trumps the archaic means of bookkeeping that is used to take down the time of entry and exit of the employees; now all that is required is a swipe.

So, just in case you were wondering why your company needs an ID card, I hope this article has aided in satisfying your curiosity. Getting an ID card for your company has never been this easy, by using our services, you get to customize your ID card to how you want it and get it delivered to you within 24 hours.