The body of your car gets damaged in various ways. As you drive from place to place, your vehicle starts getting dings and scratches. Additionally, your car spends most of the time exposed to natural elements, a factor that, along with other causes, leads to damage to the body of the car. Fortunately, advances in technology make sure that repairs to your vehicle take place quickly and effectively.

So, don’t know when to go for auto body repair? Let us first look at some of the reasons that will require a visit to for auto body repair services, see the map below for directions:

Car Collision

Even if you are obeying all the traffic rules, traveling on the road can be a hazard. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling at a low or high speed – any form of collision will still damage your vehicle extensively. You might think that the major damage to your vehicle is the dents in the car’s exterior, but this isn’t the case. The major damage occurs in the frame. A bent frame decreases the structural integrity of your car. This is why it is important to have the frame straightened out. Traditionally, it was hard to repair the bent frame, but advances in technology have made it easy to straighten out such frames.

Dents in Your Car

Dents can arise in various ways, usually a minor collision with something else, a car door or pole or fence. No matter the cause of the dent, one of the most common tasks performed by an auto body repair specialist is dent removal.

Depending on the cause as well as the extent of damage, the technician uses several approaches to remove the dent. If it is a minor dent without damage to the paint, the technician can use a tool to tap the ding from behind and remove the defect. If the dent affects even the paint job, he drills a tiny hole, inserts a special tool and pulls the damage. He then refills the hole and repaints the area to match.

If the damage is too severe, the technician has to replace the affected panel then paint the body to match the rest of the body.

Scratched Paint

Your paint can get scratched in many ways. A careless shopper can bump into the car with a shopping cart or their car doors. Children can scrape keys and other objects against the car, peeling off paint. A professional auto body repair technician can rub out any scruff if it is small. If the scratches are deeper, then the technician will be forced to use paint and filler to correct the issue.

Damage Due to The weather

Your car literally “lives” outside. When it is not on the road, it is in the parking lot of at your place of work. Weather-related damage to the body of the car is very common. Apart from the dents, your car can experience due to hail; other factors come into play such as rain and excessive sunlight. Long-term exposure to the sun causes the car’s paint to fade. When this happens, the vehicle needs sanding then repainting with paint that matches the original factory paint.

If you expose your car to moisture for long periods of time, it starts to rust. If this is the case, the technician cuts away the rusted spot and replaces it with compatible metal. The metal is them painted to match the rest of your vehicle.

Conclusion: Choose Auto Body Repair Done the Right Way

Some of the processes to expect from your auto body specialist include auto body construction, welding, frame straightening, painting and refinishing and sheet metal repair. The choice of the procedure will depend on the problem at hand. The kind of tools needed also depends on the type and extent of the damage. At times, you don’t have to go to the repair shop when there is a problem – you can seek out these services just to strengthen your vehicle.