Since the technology was first made available more than 25 years ago, laser etching, marking, and engraving has rapidly taken the industrial world by storm.

Laser marking works by using a focused beam of light (the laser) to heat and alter the surface of a wide range of different materials. Using only a small amount of paper, the laser heats the substrate of a material’s surface, causing it to oxidate and this turn black. Laser marking is also used for industrial applications where it is essential to anneal metals.

Laser engraving works similar to marking except that a slightly different process is employed. Engraving uses more heat so that the laser beam vaporized small, precise amounts of a material’s surface in order to etch marks, writing, or other information. Similar processes include ablation using lasers.

Laser engraving can be used on a wide variety of materials, including polymers, ceramics, plated metals, and anodized materials. Engraving has both industrial and retail applications and can be used in a wide variety of situations, including personalizing gifts, engraving pet information on tags, and even adding someone’s name or initials to valuable devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Laser marking is another innovative way to use precise cuts from focused beams of light to achieve a variety of effects. Laser marking creates long-lasting, durable marking on any material without causing damage to the underlying substrate.

Lasers can be used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, with plastics and polymers, on a wide variety of metals and woods as well as add SKUs, barcodes, company logos, or other marks on products. Laser marking can be used to add permanent writing to smart cards, round and oddly-shaped items, or even mark on foils.

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Laser etching, marking, and engraving requires precise computer control in order to achieve the desired effects. Only with the latest in laser technology can retail and industrial operators feel confident that they will quickly and efficiently realized the company’s goals.

Best of all, the quality machines sold by Needham Coding allow for multiple applications, including printing, laser bonding, and hot branding. Using precision controllers, the laser light is directed to a material’s surface in order to cause it to oxidize and thus stand out in high contrast to the rest of the surface or to heat and vaporize the substrate in order to engrave or mark the surface.

Whether you have an established business or are interested in entering the laser marking, engraving, and etching fields, Needham Coding has a product that will work for you. The prices are very affordable, allowing even home businesses that create personalized gifts and products offer their customers bespoke items that will give a huge competitive advantage in crowded market places.

Some of the most popular items that can be personalized with engraving, etching, or marking include pet collars, pens, golf equipment, wooden and metal signs, plaques, champagne flutes, and wedding gifts. It’s also possible to use laser marking to add custom writing, logos, or information to model toys, retail signs, electronic devices, and even clothing. Lasers make it easy to add customized labels to nearly every kind of surface, including ceramics, textiles, glass, crystals, and metal.