Is it not a thrill ride to have the responsibility of properly maintaining and cleaning a home? We go through childhood excited about the opportunity of living on our own and possessing a home to call ours. Then, the reality strikes that we are now solely responsible for the caring aspect. However, some people choose to ignore this and live in disgusting (sometimes unhealthy) environments. I am here to say do not end up in that class of people and take a little time partaking in household cleaning activities. To make the list accommodate as many people as possible, I have decided to outline the parts of a home that should be given special attention week in and week out.


No one, and I mean no one, wants to be the one responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom. In specific, the toilets as they should always take precedence. Everything else in the bathroom (sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.) could probably suffice from “occasionally” cleaning. But, toilets are special in that they should be cleaned weekly. After all, everyone knows what is being dumped in them. Not exactly something that is flattering to ponder, but it is the truth.

Kitchen Sink

Speaking for myself, I cannot stand it when my kitchen sink is cluttered with a plethora of dirty dishes. After so long, my tolerance level will be at an absolute low. Considering the kitchen is one of the main areas of any home, this becomes even more essential. For those who live with a dishwasher, this issue is not as large. But, for those of us (like me) who do not have the money for something like that we must work a little harder to maintain an adequate kitchen sink.

Ceiling Fans

I for one would love it if dust was something that seized to exist. It is incomprehensible how much dust floats around the air, especially within a household. Outside of investing in an air filter, there are few ways to reduce or stop it. For me, I like to have multiple fans running throughout the house on any given day. However, if the blades on those fans are not cleaned then they are going to circulate dust at an alarming rate. Outside of being downright annoying, dust can also spearhead allergy issues. Thus, they should be cleaned on a daily basis. Obviously, many will not have the patience or tolerance to do this every day so once a week should more than suffice.

Floors and Carpets

Ah, the dreaded dust, dirt, food, and bacteria that always seem to appear on the floors and carpets. I have left both unchecked in my house before and it was not a pretty sight to behold. Unfortunately, I have carpets that like to show every bit of bacteria that are present on them. So, I must sweep them multiple times a week to keep them looking in tip-top shape. For those who have carpets that mask it, still sweep it regularly as the particles are still there. Hardwood floors are much of the same, but oftentimes should be cleaned with a wet mop as well. There is no clear winner here, so to speak, but maintaining these aspects to a home is practically mandatory. So, it may be beneficial to ensure that everyone has a vacuum cleaner that accommodates them. To do so, be sure to check out as there some of the best of the best have been detailed.


Now, this could be a technicality. Although “garbage” is not an area in anyone’s home, it is present in everyone’s. Whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room it does not matter as it should always be disposed of. Bacteria can begin to grow if garbage is let sit for too long and an overwhelming odor can follow. It seems simple enough, and honestly, I really hope it is for everyone.

As hard as I know it can be for some people, do not be lazy and ensure that these areas are being maintained and cleaned consistently. Not only will it provide a healthier environment but guests will also take notice of the cleanliness and be left with a grand impression.