Wait, what? Is this seriously an article giving reasons to go bald? This is probably what you thought to yourself when you saw this. As crazy as it sounds, there are some great advantages to shaving your head. Due to the fact that it’s a very big decision to make, if you come away from this still looking to keep your hair it’s not a big deal. However, it’s worth considering for the following benefits.

The Money and Time Saved

Without a shadow of a doubt, the two biggest benefits of shaving your head are the money and time you will save. There is a laundry list of tasks that you have to do with a full head of hair. If you like your hair to be at a moderate length, you have to visit your local barber several times a year which can get expensive. When you are in the shower, you have to shampoo and condition your hair (which is more money). However, it can be as simple as spending money on new brushes and combs. Either way, those kinds of expenses add up over time.

Now for the time, you will save. Ironically enough, the benefits of the money you save go hand in hand with the time you will end up saving. First of all, because you don’t have to spend money seeing your barber anymore, that means you don’t have to waste your time seeing them. Also, when you get ready in the morning your showers will be much quicker. With a bald head, you can completely skip shampooing your hair. This also means you don’t have to waste time combing and grooming your hair.

The Worry of Your Hair is Gone

Be honest for a second, how many of you have a fear of your hair turning gray at a young age? Better yet, how many of you fear that your hair will start falling out and that it will start receding? Don’t be ashamed if these are two things you think about as they are legitimate fears. However, what if you could completely eliminate these fears for the rest of your life? That’s right, you guessed it. Shaving your head is the answer you have been looking for. After all, when your bald what hair is there to turn white or fall out? If you really don’t have these fears, then how about something as simple as never having to worry about a bad hair day again?

Hats Become a Perfect Match

This is a big one for those of you who love wearing hats. Whether this is caps to show off your favorite sports teams or winter hats to keep your head warm in the cold weather, hats can be great. The problem is when you are looking to keep your hair perfect and not suffer from “hat hair”, you can’t wear them. Once again, this is where having a shaven head comes in handy because you can wear a hat at any time without worrying about “hat hair”. Think about that the next time your head is freezing as your wanting your hair to be perfect for your big date.

Shaving Technology Has Advanced

There is one legitimate worry to shaving your head. What if you cut yourself and you have to stick a piece of toilet paper on your scalp and look like a fool? With the way shaving technology has advanced, this is not as big a worry as it once was. With the power and control of electric razors, they make it nearly impossible to cut and nick yourself. Thus, you can actually shave your head yourself (which ends up saving more money) without worrying about looking like you had no idea what you were doing.

To Envision Yourself as a Famous Celebrity

OK, so this list is going to end off with a little fun. How many of you (who watched wrestling in the late 90’s) wanted to look like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Bill Goldberg? How cool would it be to have the hairstyle of Bruce Willis or Jason Statham? There is no way that a little part of your body doesn’t want to emulate them. If nothing else, going bald could make you feel better about yourself!

Look, these advantages are tremendous but (as mentioned earlier) going bald is a very difficult choice to make. Outside of these advantages, there are also plenty of disadvantages. The main question you need to ask yourself is how much do you treasure these positives?