Running a resort can be profitable if you do it the right way. Any slip and you might end up with an empty resort that doesn’t attract any visitors whatever you do or say. This is why you need to put into place several measures to make sure you get the right visitors and retain them for longer.

Provide What People Want

To have the best resort in town, you need to offer services that people want. A resort needs to offer accommodation, meals, adult and children games as well as drinks. Depending on what people love in the region, you can choose what to offer to your customers.

It is not all about the services, but how you deliver the different services as compared to other resorts in the area. Look around and identify a service that is lacking in the region and offer it to your clients.

Be Accessible

The resort needs to be at a place that is accessible to the public. It is not all about accessibility, but the location should not be too far from necessary amenities and facilities.

Your visitors shouldn’t spend a lot just to get to you. Instead, set up the resort in an area that is near to the city or in a place that has a proper access road network.

The Right Customer Care

One thing that distinguishes one resort from another is the level of customer care that is offered to customers. Customers will come for a repeat visit if they get the right customer care as compared to poor customer care.

Your customer care staff needs to be courteous and knowledgeable. They should know everything regarding the hotel and be ready to solve any issue that arises during a customer’s stay. Your front desk workers ought to be ready to handle complaints the right way without taking advantage of the clients.

Proper Transport System

When it comes to moving from one place to another, you need to provide your clients with the right way to travel. You have to pick your guests from the airport, drive them to the resort, take them around town, and then take them back to the airport when they complete their stay.

Since you are bound to receive more than ten guests at the same time, you need to have the right mode of transport. The guests you receive will range from small kids to the elderly. Some of these guests have special needs and you must ensure you take care of these needs.

One of the best ways to appeal to a wide audience is to take into consideration the needs of the guests who have issues with mobility. Most of these use wheelchairs, which require you to factor this when choosing the vehicle to use. Look for a minibus for wheelchair access so that you cater for all your guests.


Running a resort is more than just setting up the location. What you need is to have the necessary services, the right location and help your guests move around.