One of the things you have to decide when applying for an MBA course is whether or not you wish to specialize. Remember, you can go for one year and learn the basics of management, or you can go for two years and devote the second year to specialization. Choose the specialization according to the kind of industry that you wish to work in after you graduate.

There are different kinds of MBA specializations; it remains for you to choose the best to suit your needs. Some of the common areas to specialize in include finance, marketing, IT systems, human resources, entrepreneurship and more.  You can decide to go for a specialization so that you target a particular job that you want. You will still get the standard MBA content, but you will take longer in the course so that you learn more about the specifics.

The Benefits of Specialization

The major benefit of part time MBA in Singapore  is you become marketable in the industry. A basic MBA will still give you some skills, but you won’t have the advantages that come with specialization when applying for a given job. This means a proper specialization will put you way ahead of a person that has only done general MBA.

When selecting the field of specialization, you need to consider the growth of the selected business course so that you enjoy the benefits of the course.

The Procedure for Application

The institution will require you to go through the different steps of admissions for each course. The institution will require you to fill in the application form and submit it for evaluation. If you have the skills, cut off percentage and educational background that matches the selection criteria, you will be required to go for a face to face interview with the selection panel.

The selection panel asks you questions to confirm your information before you get selected. However, you need to understand that not everyone that applies for a part in the MBA course isn’t always selected.  There are those that will get direct entry to the course while others will have to face the panel.

Full-time, Part-time, Long-distance or Online Learning?

You can decide to specialize in any of the different categories of learning that the institution offers. The skills and knowledge you achieve in any of the categories will still be applicable to any job you go for. The degree you get in a full-time MBA course is similar to the degree you get if you study online.

How Can Your Employer Help?

Once you find the right kind of MBA program, you need to talk to the employer and ask them if they have a tuition reimbursement program in place. If the course assists the organization, the employer will want to chip in knowing that the knowledge will assist the organization in the long run.

At the end of the course, you will let the employer know that your resume has improved and you expect something better from them. Once you complete the course, you will become more attractive to the team that handles hiring and promotion. They will acknowledge that you have voluntarily taken steps to make yourself better and they will have more confidence in you knowing that you can handle the job requirements at a higher level.


You can gain more from attending a part-time MBA course in Singapore. Make sure you choose the best course to take and go after it. You need to choose a course that not only makes you marketable, but that will be relevant several years to come.