Social Media – The Ultimate Social Proof


People don’t trust much anymore these days, society hardened so it’s not difficult to figure out why that is. Although this is not the answer you were looking for it’s the cold hard truth so if you are a startup and want to reach more clients then social media is the first thing you should focus on.

Say yourself, when a friend recommends a hairdresser or a lawyer for that matter, you are much more likely to use the same person because of their positive experience with them. That’s how social proof ultimately works!

The best part is, you can generate social proof in a relatively easy way, the only burden is that it will consume a lot of your time in the beginning but once it’s in place people are likely to do business with you, simply because others did in the past.

If that didn’t convince you enough already here are some ways to utilize that social proof to generate more sales:

  • Work with experts – when you create an event on social media make sure you invite an expert, this is the very reason why podcasts are so popular where the blog invites guests, all of these guests are experts in their own field and not just randomly chosen.
  • Respond to mentions – while doing this you want to hide the negative ones, there’s no need to feed the haters, never forget that, but any positive response requires a comment from you at the very least to show your appreciation of them taking the effort, others will see that too.
  • Share milestones – if you don’t share it people don’t know it’s there, I shared it when I got my first 1000 LinkedIn followers, not on LinkedIn but on Facebook instead where I didn’t have too many people in my group yet, so they can see I’m successful at other platforms already.
  • Curate content – everyone likes to be mentioned some time so share the love, you give and you take and this can be automated rather easily though personally, I’d prefer to do it the manual way so that you know what you share.
  • Share reviews – this is an obvious one but not everyone is doing it, there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself in the spotlight now and then.

I hoped you liked this short and impactful post provided by Free Your Spine – the Instagram Social Proof Expert, you can read more about their services here: to help you automate the social proof you require.