Are you looking for an awesome place to visit to be able to relax and unwind? Going to a tropical island gives you the chance to enjoy a relaxing vacation, with breathtaking views of the crystal clear waters and gorgeous sunsets. In addition, you also get the opportunity to try out various water sports and other fun activities.

There are several amazing tropical islands all over the world, and they can give you the greatest time of your life — white sand beaches, pristine waters, green palms, and so on. The following are some of the most popular tropical destinations that you can consider.

Bali, Indonesia

An island in Indonesia, Bali is a famous tourist spot known for its beautiful nature and scenery. Every year, it welcomes several millions of visitors from across the globe, and has received numerous tourism awards and recognitions, including Travel and Leisure’s Best Island Award in 2010. Its coast and mountains are a sight to behold, as well as its foods, historical monuments, and people.

Hawaii, USA

Surrounded by the waters of Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a U.S. state that is made up of hundreds of islands that are home to numerous active volcanoes, public beaches, and parks. During winter months in other parts of the world, it receives throngs of visitors who want to get away from the cold temperatures and bask under the warm rays of the sun. In addition to its outstanding tourist spots, Hawaii also offers an exotic and unique culture that consists of traditional music, literature, and food that you can only experience on its islands.


Found in the Caribbean Sea, the island of Jamaica boasts of a thriving ecosystem, with a wealth of flora and fauna species, including bamboo, rosewood, ferns, mahogany, and ebony, and crocodiles, iguanas, snakes, mongoose, and bats. Among its most notable tourist spots are the Montego Bay beach resorts, for those looking to dive, snorkel, swim, and partake in other water activities; the city of Kingston, for people who want to visit the Bob Marley Museum and the Blue Mountains; Falmouth, to enjoy rafting, horseback riding, snorkeling, and zip lining; and Mandeville, if you want to shop and experience the vibrant local nightlife.

Phuket, Thailand

A mountainous island in Thailand, Phuket is probably one of the most renowned beach destinations in Asia and the world. Wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses which you purchased after reading its reviews on, you can explore its western shore that is lined by several popular resorts with fine sand beaches, sparkling, blue waters, and thriving rainforests. Furthermore, it offers a dynamic and energetic nightlife, thanks to its abundance of discos, bars, and nightclubs.

Cayman Islands

Found in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, the Cayman islands are a group of tropical islands that offer excellent spots for various water and outdoor activities, such as fishing, scuba diving, jet skiing, cycling, spelunking, and snorkeling.