It’s common knowledge that the key to getting fit is exercise. You can change your diet as much as you like – and I’m not saying that your diet isn’t important, because it is – but you are not going to make much progress if you stay motionless all day.

There are some tips I can give you for low-intensity exercise that allow you to burn calories and build muscle without even thinking about it. These are things like leaving the car at home and walking or cycling to work. If you have a long commute, even the walk to the train station or the bus station constitutes more exercise than the walk to your car door. The same goes for shopping. If you can find a supermarket that isn’t too far away, carry your shopping back to your house. It’s free exercise! I’m not telling you to carry a trolley full of hardware for five miles, but if you can’t carry all your shopping in one go, make two trips. Simple!

If you take your car to a carwash, don’t. Do it yourself at home, and wax it, too. Remember how Mr. Miyagi trained the Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off. Well, that’s you now. You are the Karate Kid now. Same goes for cleaning your house. If you employ a maid or a gardener, tell them to get looking for another job as you are going to spend calories and save pennies doing those jobs yourself.

All of these habits will give you an acceptable level of fitness if you do them regularly, but to take it to the next level, you’ll need to do something more intensive. You could take up a sport – tennis, football, boxing or fencing, perhaps?

“But I’m antisocial!”, I hear you protest.

Never fear – there are plenty of sports you can do without other human beings bothering you. How about cross-country running, jogging, swimming or climbing?

“I’m shy! I’m afraid of inclement weather! I have to stay at home to keep an eye on my kids/pets/plants/fruit bowl!”

In that case, we’ll find you a way to do your exercise in the comfort of your own home.

At this point I’m going to assume you are not completely broke. It’s not that you need money to exercise at home – you don’t – you can still do your push ups, pull ups, run up and down the stairs etc. It is, however, not the best option.

For a great upper and lower body work out, you could invest in an elliptical trainer. Get healthy in front of the TV! Result! Not all elliptical trainers have arms to train the upper body, however, so consider this when you make your purchase.

Similar to an elliptical trainer is a rower. This focuses more on your core. If you’re interested, check out the different options at Home Rower.

Another popular option for home-based training is the treadmill. It’s popular because you can burn calories fast and it doesn’t require the use of the upper body. So if you’re planning to break your arms, or if you just want to play video games while you work out, the treadmill is a good option for you.

If you’re goal is to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Elena Shportun-Willemer, you might be interested in such devices as a chin-up bar, which you can affix to any door frame. Dum bells can, of course be used anywhere in the house (I wouldn’t take them in the bath with you, mind).

A punching bag makes a nice addition to any garage and can turn the garage into a great place to release stress – you take it all out on the punching bag and nobody in the house hears you shouting.

For softer impact home exercise, consider and exercise ball and a mat. Yu can practice yoga by following training videos on your smartphone.

Finally, if you want to have a bit of fun, or you want your kids to get in on the exercise, purchase a games console and some of the great dancing games out there such as Dance Evolution or Para Para Paradise. Happy exercising!