Kids are always adored by most families, and some never feel complete until they have a few of them. The mother is the one that carries the heavy burden of the nine months pregnancy, but still, there is more that is expected. Raising a kid is challenging, but it all depends on time available and the resources at the disposal. Some couples get scared when they get their first child, and they feel as if they cannot raise a kid. The following are crucial things that your child needs right from day one.

Make time for them

The world is busy, and sometimes you may not even get enough time to do all your chores for the day. You have bills to pay and work to attend, and you get home tired and retire to bed just after taking your meals. Such a routine will make your kids feel abandoned, and that will stick with them from a tender age. They may never understand your hustles because they demand attention. Trying to make a proper schedule that will give you enough time to be with your kids. It can be once in a week or an hour every day depending on your work schedules.

Buy them toys

The good thing with toys is that they keep your kids occupied even when you are busy with other stuff. It is not must that you have a high disposable income to afford toys but consider them as a necessity for kids’ growth. There are toys that can help enhance your children’s creativity and the ability to grasp things. Such toys can have games or even some puzzles that kids can solve on their own. Join them once in a while and play with them to make them learn the importance of having fun.

Have a baby monitor

You must take care of your kid as a parent, but that does not mean that you are under imprisonment. There is other stuff that you need to take care of like working or even having some rest after a stressful day. You may find yourself worrying so much and popping into your kid’s room after every few minutes which interferes with your normal schedules. A baby monitor can save you all the hustle and make you focus on other stuff. You can check some of the best baby monitors at Some have unique abilities such as detecting motion, singing lullabies or even monitoring room temperature.

Love them unconditionally

Humans exercise biases, and sometimes you find yourself loving a certain breed of people than others. The same also applies to families where you find a parent having preferential treatment on some kids. There are some who discriminate based on gender while other focus on looks or physical ability. Children can know when they are being mistreated and it will be hard to delete such memories. Make it clear that none of the kids is special and treat everyone equally irrespective of physical abilities or appearance.