Why your Company Needs a Good ID Card

Why your Company Needs a Good ID Card

One would think that the pros of a company having a good ID card are general knowledge, but with my recent encounters with some company stakeholders, I have come to understand that not so many are aware of the benefits of having a good ID card. Which explains why I will be running you through some of the benefits of procuring a good ID card as a company.

Restricted Access/ Security

Most companies record a high theft rate, which can be a factor of the ease in which just about anybody gains access into the company. For the security officers, it can be tough to differentiate the outsiders from the company’s employees; since most companies have a large number of employees, and it becomes tough to know everyone facially. But with a company ID card, it becomes easier to restrict access to the employees and expected visitors only; that way, the security is optimized a great deal.

Access To Special Benefits

I have worked in some companies before as a casual staff and after some time, I was informed that if I have to buy anything from the company’s restaurant, I would have to pay but that’s not the case with the full staff (who possess the company’s ID card). There and then, I experienced this play out. Companies offer special discounts on food, medical check-up etc. and only those possess an ID card can have access to these special benefits. So, yes, you can use the ID card as a means to check those who are eligible to enjoy special benefits from the company.

Individualization Of Every Employee

With a company ID card, you can tell who is who. Just on the ID card is information (which can be: name, passport photograph, address, phone number, role in the firm)  of the individual. In cases where the employee is involved in an accident or an unfortunate situation, the ID card becomes a means that links the employee to the company; thereby ensuring the employee gets immediate medical attention.

To Track Entry And Exit Time Of The Employees

You may have come across cases where an employee swipes an ID card on a computerized device to gain access into a company’s building, while it is used for access, these cards are also streamlined with the device to keep track of the time in which the cards are being swiped; so whether it is used for entry or exit, you can have an idea of the time of the event. This trumps the archaic means of bookkeeping that is used to take down the time of entry and exit of the employees; now all that is required is a swipe.

So, just in case you were wondering why your company needs an ID card, I hope this article has aided in satisfying your curiosity. Getting an ID card for your company has never been this easy, by using our services, you get to customize your ID card to how you want it and get it delivered to you within 24 hours.

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